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Resolve Tickets Online or by Phone

If your summons is marked as "Payable" or "Eligible for Early Payment," please read the following instructions carefully to learn how you may resolve your traffic ticket online or by phone without appearing in court.

  1. Click here to view your rights and for instructions on how to resolve your "payable" or "eligible or early payment" ticket online or by phone.
  2. Click here to be directed to the online credit card payment portal.
  3. If you receive an error or are unable to locate your traffic ticket online, you may call the Court Clerk at 303-658-2250 for further assistance.

No Proof of Insurance Tickets: If you had valid insurance at the time you received your ticket, you may submit proof of that insurance before your court date. If this was the only charge on your ticket, your case may be dismissed administratively without the need for you to appear. Please contact the Court Clerk at 303-658-2250.