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Boards & Commissions

Members of Westminster’s numerous boards and commissions act as advisers to City Council on a variety of subjects, including building and municipal codes, elections, environmental issues, human services funding, open space, parks and recreation, planning, transportation, and other important city topics.

Eligibility requirements to serve on a board or commission include:

  • must be a registered elector of the city
  • must have been a resident of the city  for at least one year
  • must pass a background check
  • must meet specific board/commission eligibility requirements, if necessary

Any resident is eligible to join a board or commission, and interested citizens are encouraged to apply when there are openings. 

Current openings include:

Historic Landmark Board  (1 regular member and 1 alternate member)
Inclusivity Board  (1 alternate member)
Parks, Recreation, Libraries, Open Space Advisory Board  (1 regular member)
Planning Commission  (1 alternate member)
Special Permit and License Board  (1 alternate member)


Is this a full-time position?  No.
Is it paid? No. These are volunteer positions.
What is the time commitment? The time commitment depends on the specific Board or Commission you are interested in. Some Boards meet once or twice a month; some only meet a few times a year.

Apply Now!

Election Commission 

Environmental Advisory Board 

Historic Landmark Board

Human Services Board

Inclusivity Board 

Parks, Recreation, Libraries and Open Space Advisory Board 

Personnel Board 

Planning Commission

Special Permit and License Board 

Youth Advisory Panel