Seniors and mobility challenged individuals living in Westminster have access to transportation services in one of two programs, depending on whether they reside in the Adams or Jefferson County portions of the city. The transit programs in both of the counties are administered by the Seniors’ Resource Center. 

For more information on the transportation services listed below, please contact the Seniors’ Resource Center at 303-235-6972.

Westminster Adams County Residents

Individuals in Westminster Adams County over the age of 60 or who have a disability may be eligible for rides to medical or dental appointments, congregate meal sites and trips to grocery stores. These services are available through A-LIFT, the Community Transit Program funded by Adams County, Westminster and four other cities in the county and various federal.

Westminster Jefferson County Residents

For Westminster Jefferson County residents, transportation is also available to seniors and disabled residents for medical and dental appointments, congregate meal sites, grocery store visits, and adult day care. The service is funded by Jefferson County, Westminster and other Jefferson County cities, businesses, foundations, donations, and state and federal grants.